Testimonials at Emergency Dental CareMy son had a toothache over the weekend. I tried to find a dentist to help him, fortunately I found Dr. Weinstein. He came out on Saturday evening to help my little boy. I thank and recommend him to anyone. Sofia, Muttontown

Thank you to the Dental Emergency team! When my jaw locked open this morning, I wasn’t sure where to go for help. I am so thankful that you saw me right away and helped me resolve the discomfort. I am excited to begin treatment for my TMJ problems. George, Franklin Square

I have had only one dental emergency in my life, related to an abscessed tooth, and found Dental Emergency LI online. To my relief, I was seen right away. I had to have the tooth pulled and two implants in my lower right jaw to replace an existing bridge. The extracted tooth was the last one on that side. Dr. Weinstein did impeccable work and the implants feel very secure. It was the best dental work I’ve ever had. The doctor explains well, does not shy away from questions, and even offers to speak with people who are not his patients if they need to have something explained. The staff is very efficient and considerate. Don, Syosset

I needed a very urgent tooth extraction and I called Dental Emergency LI. The staff was professional and I got my appointment within a day! When my tooth was extracted, there was minimal pain and the healing process was quick. He definitely knew what he was doing and how to go about it in the most gentle manner. I felt at home and very comfortable. The first time I walked in, the staff was welcoming and meeting Dr. Mittle made me even more comfortable. He explained to me my options and gave me the best treatment. I have found the perfect dentist and would recommend him to everyone. With Dr. Mittle, you are dealing with a caring and very skilled dentist who will take care of your needs. Joe, Huntington

My 8-year-old had a horrible toothache a few weeks ago and even after trying to ice the area and giving him childrens Tylenol he was in too much agony to sleep. Even though it was after hours, I wanted to try to get him into our dentists office instead of the ER. Luckily, when we called the office one of the doctors answered and they opened up the office just for us! My son had to have one of his baby teeth pulled, but Dr. Weinstein was very caring and professional, and the whole procedure was over in just a few minutes. In fact, my son was home and in bed an hour later, and made it to school the next day. Thank you, Island Dental! Samantha, Jericho

I hadnt been to a dentist in a few years when I started to get pains in one of my back teeth. I tried to ignore it, but it became worse and worse until one night I finally I had to call a dentist. I found Dental Emergency LI, and called the number. Even though it was late on a week night, someone answered right away. They asked me a few questions and had me come into the office right away. After they took a couple x-rays, the doctor explained that I had a dental abscess and was going to need a minor surgery. After explaining the procedure and the cost, they went ahead with the procedure. It was quick and pretty painless considering the amount of pain I came in with! Im all healed now and very thankful to Dental Emergency LI! Derek, Hempstead

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