Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain at Emergency Dental CareHow can I tell if my jaw pain is a dental emergency?

Chewing, yawning, grinding your teeth in your sleep, and countless other activities could be at fault for your jaw discomfort, but if you experience jaw pain that is especially sharp or persistent, it is important to see a dentist, as it could be caused by a temporomandibular disorder (TMJ) or other serious problem.

What causes TMJ?

Several things could cause a patient to experience TMJ, including:

How is TMJ treated?

  • Pain treatment with possible prescription medication
  • Jaw wiring

How do I prevent TMJ?

  • Always treat injuries to the face, mouth, and jaw as serious medical emergencies.
  • Always stop excessive bleeding of the mouth or gums with gauze.
  • Avoid excessively crunchy, hard, sticky, or chewy foods that can dislodge fillings.
  • Always wear protective equipment when participating in sports.
  • Seek immediate medical attention for all dental emergencies.

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