Trauma and Accidents

    Trauma and Accidents Emergency Dental CareIf you experience a traumatic injury to your face, it is important
    to see your dentist immediately even if the injuries to the mouth seem
    minimal. Often these injuries are more serious than they seem at
    first, and left untreated could cause greater complications including
    infection or loss of a tooth.

    When should I see me emergency dentist?

    Make an emergency appointment if you are experiencing (or suspect you are experiencing):

    How will my dentist treat my injury?

    Your dentist will perform a dental exam and depending
    on the severity of the trauma may also take x-rays. Depending on the
    nature of your injury, the dentist may perform any number of procedures

    • A filling
    • A crown
    • A root canal
    • Extractions
    • Replacement surgery
    • A dental implant

    If you are in or around the Franklin Square area please call: (516) 565-3435. And, if you are in or around the Syosset area please call us at: (516) 348-2000.

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