Crown / Bridge Fell Out

    Crowns at Emergency Dental CareWhat do I do if I lose a dental crown or bridge?

    • Immediately call us at 516-565-3435 or 516-348-2000 to make an appointment.
    • Apply clove oil to the site or take an over-the-counter pain reliever to ease the pain.
    • If you swallowed or somehow lost track of the bridge or crown, apply dental cement (available at pharmacies) to the area until you can see the dentist.
    • If you still have the dental bridge or crown, clean the piece thoroughly.
    • Place it back in your mouth. Make sure it still fits as it did. Lightly bite down on it to make certain your bite isn’t compromised.
    • If it fits, put dental cement inside the crown or on the bridge and carefully put it back in your mouth.
    • Check your bite again. Your bite should be even and feel like it did before the┬ápiece fell out.

    If you are in or around the Franklin Square area please call: (516) 565-3435. And, if you are in or around the Syosset area please call us at: (516) 348-2000.

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