Broken Dentures

    Broken Dentures at Emergency Dental CareDentures are just as important as your regular teeth to your oral
    health and your smile, so treat a denture emergency like you would any
    other dental emergency.

    Causes of broken dentures

    • Soaking the dentures in water that is too hot can cause the dentures to warp.
    • Accident or injury to the dentures either while they are inside or outside the mouth.
    • General wear and tear.
    • Improper care

    What do I do when my dentures are cracked or broken?

    • Never wear someone elses dentures, or an old, ill-fitting pair.
    • Never attempt to repair your dentures at home.
    • Collect all pieces of the broken dentures.
    • Keep all pieces you are unable to comfortable wear in a container of water.

    How do I prevent my dentures from breaking?

    • Always follow your dentists guidance.
    • Remove dentures nightly.
    • Clean dentures thoroughly.
    • Only soak in cold or room-temperature water.
    • Keep your dentures in a safe place when they are not being worn.
    • Keep up with regular dental check ups.

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