24 Hour Emergency Dental Services

    We are proud to offer 24 hour emergency dental care services to the residents of Long Island, including: Franklin Square, Valley Stream, Elmont, Hempstead, West Hempstead, Syosset, Jericho, Woodbury, Plainview, Hicksville, and surrounding areas.

    Listed below are the dental conditions we offer services for to those in need of a 24 hour emergency dentist:

    Dental Abscess
    Swollen Gums/Gum Pain
    Bleeding Gums
    Knocked Out Tooth
    Loose or Missing Filling
    Lost/Broken Crowns
    Crown/Bridge Fell Out
    Loose Teeth
    Jaw Pain
    Wisdom Tooth Pain
    Broken Braces
    Loose Bracket/Wires
    Loose Dentures
    Broken Dentures
    Dental Implant Pain
    Trauma and Accidents
    Pediatric Emergencies
    Facial Swelling
    Replacement of Temporary and Permanent Restoration

    Questions Your Emergency Dentist Will Need You to Answer

    When calling an emergency dentist’s office it is helpful if you can answer the following questions so that they can provide the best dental care possible:

    • What is the nature of your dental emergency?
    • When did it start?
    • Is there any swelling?
    • What is the degree of the pain, on a scale of 1-10?
    • Are you having any hot or cold sensitivity?
    • What medications are you taking? Antibiotics? Pain killers?

    If you are in or around the Franklin Square area please call: (516) 565-3435. And, if you are in or around the Syosset area please call us at: (516) 348-2000.

    The content offered on this website is for informational purposes only and does not seek to diagnose and/or treat any physical, medical, dental, and/or periodontal condition or disease. In addition, the offering and consumption of this content does not establish a doctor patient relationship. If you are experiencing any pain, discomfort, swelling, and/or bleeding in your mouth and/or jaw this may represent a serious condition and can only be diagnosed and treated by visiting a medical doctor, dentist, and/or periodontist in person.